Claire Pettibone 2011 Fairy Inspired Bridal Runway Show NYC

I certainly don’t know how many of you were lucky enough to have front row seats to witness the NYC Claire Pettibone 2011 fairy-inspired Bridal Runway ShowSpirit of the Night” but as this video will attest, it was breathtakingly phenomenal. We just love the sheer number of romantic details this upcoming season’s heavenly collection of ethereal, couture wedding gowns presents with all the glittering sequins, pearls, beading, and crystals that both sparkle and dazzle.

Dresses in order of appearance within the video are the following: Nightingale, Iridessa, Breena, Luna, Nocturne, Faye, Crescent, Dandelion, Misti, Delfina, Rhoswen, Elwin, Arwen, Shawnee, Moon Shadow, Sparrow, Fauna, Dew Drop, Flora, Dragonfly

We do think Claire Pettibone indeed expresses it best in terms of the inspiration behind her stunningly beautiful 2011 Couture Bridal Collection……

“I can’t remember a time before fairies. I would play for hours in the meadows and streams of my childhood, making dresses of leaves and petals for the sprites I imagined lived in the woods. One of my favorite childhood books was called The Fairy Circus, written in 1933. It had been my grandmother’s, then my mother’s, and now I am sharing it with my little Lorelei. The gorgeous illustrations of the fairy queen seemed so magical and luminous…just the way I imagine a bride to be on her wedding day.

It was a joy to revisit the effervescent creatures that inspired this season’s collection. Luminescent wings, drops of dew on a rose, the colorful glow of the sun dissolving into the moon. Glittering sequins, beads, pearls and crystals dazzle and sparkle. An ethereal wedding gown in moon-lit gold and spun silver, shimmers between reality and another world. Night settles in the forest, the moon rises, and the fairies come out to dance and play…” ……..Claire Pettibone

You can find the entire Claire Pettibone line and much more HERE

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