Fresh, Fabulous and Forever Weddings by Smita Photography

If you are searching for a fabulous wedding photographer in Los Angeles or Houston area who also specializes in Indian ~ Bollywood weddings and destination weddings Worldwide….we are just thrilled to introduce you to Smita Photography!

And as an LA based based international lifestyle, wedding and event photographer, let me just say that Smita Photography is NOT your average wedding photographer. For starters, she actually comes from a background as a trained pediatrician. Smita unequivocally knows what it feels like to truly find your passion in life and pursue it with every fiber of your being, which is what photography has represented to her.

Photo Credits: Smita Photography

Not only does she bring her heart to your fabulous wedding but Smita’s photojournalism approach uniquely captures the memories and moments of your life so that they are preserved exactly how they are meant to be…….forever.

Smita Photography wants you to be able to look back on your wedding images even ten years from now, and still have your heart leap with pure emotion!

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