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VINTAGE WEDDINGS ~ One Hundred Years of Bridal Fashion and Style

Everyone who visits ENGAGING BRIDE knows we are in love with everything vintage and it goes without saying that we simply adore this timeless book on Vintage Weddings! Author Marnie Fogg takes you on a resplendent journey in lovely vintage bridal fashions from a bygone era that will provide any bride more than enough bridal inspiration for their own vintage wedding gown! There’s even a comprehensive shopping guide section with a complete list of chic vintage wedding sources and suppliers for vintage bridal gowns as well as vintage wedding accessories.Vintage Weddings by Author, Marnie Fogg

Today’s bride wants a wedding dress that expresses her personal style while also reflecting a rich tradition. Nothing achieves that goal as gracefully as a vintage or replica wedding gown. Whether it’s a dazzling beaded tunic that captures the jazzy energy of the roaring twenties or a glamorous Hollywood-inspired dress from the 1950s, it can shape the entire wedding. With more than 250 photographs, this stunning volume takes readers on a dazzling tour of the past hundred years of bridal fashion, detailing the periods, styles, iconic designers, noteworthy ceremonies, cultural influences, and key looks.

 As a finishing touch to this inspiring and beautiful volume, Vintage Weddings concludes with a wedding planner to help you create a period-style wedding, glossaries on lace and fabrics, and a shopping guide for vintage wedding dresses and accessories.

 About the Author
Marnie Fogg is a fashion expert, lecturer, and media consultant. With a master’s degree in art and design, she has been a senior lecturer in fashion and textiles at the University of Nottingham. Marnie is the author of several books and a contributor to The Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion.

Vintage Weddings: One Hundred Years of Bridal Fashion and Style (Vintage Fashion Series)

Vintage Weddings

One Hundred Years of Bridal Fashion and Style

By Marnie Fogg


Lark Crafts

    224 pages

Publication Date: January 3, 2012

Available at many fine bookstores and other retailers online

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Be Wedding Day Fabulous with KD BRIDAL COLLECTION by Kazia Digo Jewelry

Brides can indeed be all over the place in search of the perfect bridal jewelry ensemble to complement their own wedding gown or provide as a thoughtful bridal party gift to their bridesmaids, maid of honor, etc. And the KD Bridal Collection by Kazia Digo Jewelry certainly delivers with their awe inspiring and exceptionally gorgeous handcrafted bridal jewelry line, designed to appeal to the engaging bride in looking wedding day fabulous.

And it’s no wonder……Kazia Digo Jewelry has been helping brides for over 8 years create the perfect jewelry for their weddings. In the summer of 2011, they launched a line devoted to their beautiful brides, a collection of perfectly polished and meticulously handcrafted jewelry.

Shannen Wyman began designing jewelry in 2000, combining her creativity and knowledge in both the jewelry and fashion industries to found Kazia Digo. The KD Bridal Collection by Kazia Digo Jewelry balances quality and affordability to offer a wide variety of styles and price points to fit the needs of today’s savvy bride. Their creative team has worked together to design a collection of beautifully unique and versatile styles for both the bride and her bridal party.

KD Bridal Collection uses only the finest components, combining dazzling SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS™ crystals and pearls with Sterling Silver, 18k Gold Vermeil, freshwater pearls and natural gemstones to create unique, timeless designs. Each piece is handcrafted in their Redmond, WA studio, ensuring that every item in the KD Bridal Collection is of the highest quality and made with. Specializing in custom design, wedding jewelry can be tailored to each bride, at no extra charge!

As a licensed Swarovski designer, Shannen Wyman is thrilled to be able to help brides across the country sparkle on their special day. Visit their website today and learn more.

Photo Credits: Kazia Digo Jewelry

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Jenni - March 13, 2012 - 1:29 am

This is so adorable! I found some other cool wedding ideas from this other photographer Jessica Cernat. It helped me gather some ideas for my wedding too. Any who…Here is her stuff..Jessica Cernat Photography

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